My new Owen saddle

I blame Verity. She sent me an eBay link on Facebook of the most beautiful side saddle I had ever seen with the quote “Ciara, this has your name on it”. Verity is my ‘enabler’ (every side saddle rider has an enabler). The second I saw it, I knew it was perfect! Hubby was sick and tired of hearing me go on and on about getting a new saddle so when I told him, he said ” go get it, and I never want to hear about you getting another one ever again”. 🙂

I deleted the link immediately in case someone else saw it and clicked on ‘buy it now’ before I had a chance to! I was really worried that it was a scam as there was no option to pay via PayPal, so to minimise the risk I agreed the sale, I wired the money to money over to my friend Charlie in Yorkshire and she went to collect it in person for me. I then had an anxious wait as she had to wrap it up in her mum’s blankets and post it over to me in a big box. It is a thing of great beauty indeed but I was nearly full term pregnant so had to make do with having a sit on it on the arm of the couch! Much to my mother’s disgust 🙂

To my huge delight it is a fully rebuilt Owen saddle ( known as the Rolls Royce of side saddles), it is practically brand new and strong enough to last another hundred years!



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