Clinic with ‘A Bit on The Side’ Side Saddle display team November 2012

On the 17th of November 2012, I went on a road trip to Glenamaddy in Co. Galway (detouring via the Dubarry factory shop!) with my friend Verity to watch the latest side saddle offering in Ireland, a clinic with the very lovely Jennifer Torrance, Emma Brown, Ginny Oakley and Hazel Allin; all of whom are experienced and highly qualified horsewomen. Verity and I had both hung up our boots due to pregnancy by then so we didn’t take our horses! Glenamaddy must be the coldest place in Ireland, I thought I was going to freeze no joke I could hardly feel my toes and we were in an indoor arena! Ladies came from all over Ireland to avail of the training which consisted of both flat work and jumping, a talk on turn out and equitation, and general instruction. Another friend, Emily, joined us in our accommodation that night- her very obliging boyfriend had brought her horse up for her so she had a great jumping lesson then hung out with us while her horse was driven home again! The three of us went for dinner that night with our four instructors and another lady from Northern Ireland, Shirley. To be surrounded by so many side saddle enthusiasts and to be able to talk side saddles all night was just heaven 😀 


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