Back in the saddle- a brief history from Summer 2010- Winter 2012!

A horror fall off a young horse in June 2010 resulted in a broken bone in my back and I spent a LONG time in hospital followed by months in a brace from my chin to my hips, I was out of action for 18 months!

So in the blink of an eye I went from eventing (albeit at a very low level)…



… to lying flat on my back for a long time 😦 

During that time, Tex went in foal by A.I. to a beautiful 14.2 hand Connemara stallion called ‘Burning Daylight’ 



and on 1st June 2011 produced a gorgeous colt foal called George 





George is now two years old and will start his education next summer when he is three and I’m hoping he will make a nice hunter/eventer/side saddle horse in a few years time.  

I had completely lost my nerve but my  sister Emma encouraged me to get back in the saddle, I have to admit that this photo also helped!


I rode my pony Becky first, this is me on Becky- she’s small so at least it was only a short distance to the ground if I had to bail out 😉  … 



And before I knew it, George had been weaned off Tex. I was back on board my lovely mare that December. 

Next thing I knew, Susan Oakes from Co. Meath rang me to let me know that there was a special Side Saddle Hunt organised for the coming month! I had originally bought my saddle from Susan and she knew that I had hunted side saddle for the 2008/2009 season as well as the 09/10 season with the Kilkenny Foxhounds. She gave me the motivation to get back up and riding properly to get hunting fit for the occasion. Before I even knew what I was agreeing to , I had signed up for the hunt! I didn’t sleep for days in the run up to it!!! 


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